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Mynt is a single interface to generate anything with LLMs. Import your data. Discuss your ideas. Generate Anything.

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Frequently asked questions

Your data is stored securely and will never be used to train AI Models. Our Enteprise subscription includes the ability to deploy Mynt on-premise or completely opt out of data storage in-cloud.
Yes. All new users are given a free trial when they sign up for an account. Signing up is easy, and automatically puts you onto the Pay As You Go Plan with $2 free AI Usage credits included.
Mynt would love to offer cutting edge models for free. However, the cost of AI usage right now makes that impossible. Instead, we aim to make Mynt as cheap as possible on our Pay As You Go tier by passing on usage costs to users directly. Our Pricing for Pay As You Go is simple: we charge you for AI usage at the rate AI companies charge us + 25%. Most of that +25% goes towards payment processing fees (which average around 15% of each payment you make). Our Pay As You Go tier is 10x cheaper than our competitors, who often require a minimum monthly subscription of over $20 and still cap usage.
Yes you can buy credit and switch models at any time.
You can cancel your subscription any time from you account page within the app.
Yes - we will refund any unused AI Usage Credits from your account if you wish to stop using Mynt.
For support queries please reach out to
For more details see our Legal page.